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Fighting between the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Iraqi security forces (ISF) continued in and around Tikrit on 01JUL2014. Reports indicate...

Operating a Charter flight to Canada? Be sure you have a Canadian Foreign Air Operator Certificate. ...

Do I need a permit? Situated in the Western Pacific Ocean and South China Sea, overflying the Philippines is quite likely for anyone operating to...
 Russia New requirements for API and PNR data for Airlines operating both scheduled and non-scheduled flights in effect 01DEC. API data should be transmitted 15 mins prior departure to SITA MOWRU8X. NOTAM A2345/13 and AIC 04/13.

 Russia Not strictly aviation specific but effective 01JUN Russia has banned smoking in all restaurants, cafes, bars, and airports, trains, hotels, and ships.

 European Union The European Commission has adopted a new regulation that requires commercial air transport (CAT) operators from outside the European Union (EU), also known as “third-country operators” (TCOs), to obtain a single EU-wide safety authorization to fly to, from or within the EU. The registration requirement applies to CAT TCOs, who must demonstrate to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) compliance with ICAO standards. CAT operators include all airlines and charter operators. The TCO authorization is a single process for all operators flying to the 28 European Union states, EU overseas territories and the four European Free Trade Association (EFTA) states (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland). The authorization will be a prerequisite to operating in these states and territories. A TCO authorization is not required for operators only overflying the EU member states, EU overseas territories and the four EFTA states. All existing operators must reapply for authorization, even if they hold authorization from individual EU member states. The regulation is in effect from 26MAY and EASA recommends approval be gained within 6 months.

 Mexico Effective January, Mexico has a new set of Advance Passenger Information (API) requirements, published by the Mexican Government's National Institute of Immigration (INM) and applying to all commercial, non-scheduled commercial (charter), and private non-revenue operations. For flights over 1 hour API data must be sent within 30 minutes, for shorter flights immediately.

 Mexico Update: The DGAC has revised the restrictions that were imposed in April on non-revenue business flights. Under the previous regulation any aircraft placed in a charter management company structure were prevented from operating privately in Mexico. Under the revised regulation, which is retroactive to 03JUN, U.S. and foreign-based operators flying aircraft on a charter certificate but conducting private, non-revenue operations to Mexico have been given a reprieve from cabotage rules.
 China Effective 27NOV, China published a NOTAM and Official Announcement establishing a new Air Defence Identification Zone in the East China Sea. In short, the mandate required sending of the FPL to Beijing for routes in this area, Transponder, and two way comms. Given that the last two items are standard, the only change is the FPL requirement. To date, the measured response from Air Operators is to copy the ATC plan to two new AFTN addresses - ZBBBZGZX and ZSACZQZX. This new ADIZ impacts 4 FIRs (RKRR, ZSHA, RCAA, RJJJ). There is no new requirement for an overflight permit from China unless operating in Chinese Sovereign Airspace. The full details are in our 02DEC Ops Notice - too long to publish here, but to request a copy of the World Air Ops PDF Summary for the East China Sea ADIZ, which contains the official notification, NOTAM, and Analysis, send an email to with the subject "ADIZ". We'll send it right away.

 Hong Kong - In attempt to improve the local noise environment the Civil Aviation Department will be implementing the termination of slot allocations for aircraft that fall into the category of "Marginally Compliant Chapter 3" (MCC3). Aircraft that generally fall into this category are B727, B737-100, B737-200, B747-100, B747-200, B747-300, and DC10's. Slots for Winter 2014 will not be given between the hours of 2300-1459z for aircraft that fall into this category. 

 Fiji Slight amendment to Fiji Permit requirements for Non-Scheduled Commercial Flight In transit across, or making stops In the territory of Fiji. Prior Permission Is required to be obtained from the Permanent Secretary for Civil Aviation at least 14 Days prior to Departure from the last Port Of Call before Fiji.The following Information must be submitted with the Application for Approval. 1) Aircraft Type And Registration 2) Operators Name And Address 3) Charterers Name And Address 4) Name And Agent In Fiji 5) Purpose Of Flight 6) Details Of Traffic To Be Set Down And To Be Picked From Fiji 7) Proposed Fares For Passengers Originating In Fiji 8) Time And Date Of Proposed Flight 9) Aircraft Take-Off Weight And Tyre Presurre 10) Details Of Third Party Insurance Cover For Flight Over Or Within Fiji 11) Number Of Passengers On Board.

 Venezuela update. An overflight permit is not required prior to airspace entry, but for any aircraft that has operated in the region in the past, it is essential to check your account status with the CAA (INAC) beforehand. Airspace entry denials for unpaid bills are now commonplace.

 Algeria  The latest situation with Algeria overflight permits is as follows: During period of Eurocontrol member strikes affecting adjacent FIR's, overflight is permitted with notification only by FPL. Outside these times, Passenger flights require prior approval from the CAA, and this can only be obtained during office hours, starting at 8am. Short-notice permits for emergencies and medical flights can be issued by the ATC centre at Algiers, but routine flights will only be processed during office hours.

 French Polynesia  effective 25JUN new phone numbers are in place for Tahiti and all French Polynesia islands. Mobile numbers have an "87" added after the country code, land line numbers have a "40".

 FASZ/Skukuza (Kruger Park) - Starting 04JUN prior notice for landings must be obtained at least 2 working days in advance. Requests must be submitted in writing and addressed to Skukuza airport management either by fax or email. Penalties for non-authorized landings will be levied.

 South Africa Starting October 1st 2014, new visa regulations will require all parents or guardians accompanying children to carry an unabridged birth certificate and passport. This applies to all tourists.

 Somalia If you're brave enough to send an aicraft there, bear in mind that all airports except for the following, are closed to non-humanitarian traffic: Airports in Somaliland, Puntland, Beletuen, Dussa mareb, Adado and Guryael. All ops require prioir permission. 

 Trinidad and Tobago have issued a reminder that Advance Passenger Information (API) data must be sent in a timely fashion by aircraft operators, in accordance with CARICOM API requirements. Advance Passenger Information (API) is data provided to the Joint Regional Communications Centre (JRCC) in Barbados prior to the arrival and departure of an aircraft or vessel at each port of entry in participating Member States. The participating states in CARICOM are: 1. Antigua and Barbuda, 2. Barbados, 3. Dominica, 4. Grenada, 5. Guyana, 6. Jamaica, 7. St. Kitts and Nevis, 8. St. Lucia, 9. St. Vincent and the Grenadines, 10. Trinidad and Tobago. Commercial Air Carriers are expected to transmit the data 15 minutes after departure. Private aircraft should transmit the data 30 minutes before departure.

 Honduras/COCESNA Many operators overlook payment of Navigation invoices in Central America, overdue payment of which is not discovered until a permit is applied for. COCESNA, the agency managing ATC in the region, has reminded operators that flights will not be allowed with overdue balances. The following are contact email addresses for the CAA/DGAC Billing department each country - check that your balance due is nil. Belize: Guatemala: El Salvador: Honduras: Nicaragua: Costa Rica: 

 Turkey The DGCA announced on 27NOV13 that with immediate effect, original insurance certificates are required for overflight as well as landing permits related to scheduled flights. Previously, a PDF copy was accepted for overflights. The previously announced Turkish e-Visa scheme, abolishing Visa on Arrival, scheduled to become effective 10APR14, has been postponed until 31DEC14. for an e-Visa.

 India Crews operating Ferry Flights and General Aviation crews can once again secure visas or TLP's (Temporary Landing Permits) on arrival into Indian airports. In addition, Indian missions and posts abroad have been authorized to grant business visas to crew of private non-revenue and charter flights within three days of the visa application. These visas will be endorsed on their national passport and not on the crew member certificate. These visa processing times also do not apply to crew who are nationals of a PRC country. Visas for these crew members could take as many as 30 days.

 France LFMN/Nice Changes to procedures for crew members. Previously crew members could enter and leave Nice without passport control; systematic controls will now take place when arriving and departing LFMN (from/to NON Schengen countries). Passport controls for passengers entering and departing LFMN will remain as always (from/to NON Schengen countries). A complete manifest for passengers will now be required for all departures to Schengen countries to be filed by the Immigration Authorities.

 United States The FAA’s Flight Standards Service (AFS) has created OpSpec/MSpec/LOA A153, a new and more efficient operations authorization for U.S.-registered aircraft in order to comply with early automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) directives mandated by a growing number of other countries, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region. The new approval is in the final stages of development and is expected to be available to operators at the end of June 2014.

 United Kingdom Charter Permits. Significant changes to the approval process for Landing Permits for the UK will take effect on 06 APR. CAA will take over the responsibility for issuing approvals from the Department for Transport (DFT). Also, previously, a cabotage objection could be raised by a group of UK Charter Operators - this is removed. A fee is likely to be charged by the CAA for permits from this point forward.

 Greek Islands A Eurocontrol phone conference with Aircraft Operators was held on 28MAY to discuss the restrictions this coming summer. You can listen to a playback of the recording here.

 Wallis and Futuna Customs and Immigration now require 48 hours PN at NLWW for all international flights.

 East Africa - Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda have just introduced the East Africa Tourist Visa, which allows multiple entries among the three countries for a period of 90 days for $100.

 Kazakhstan says it plans to drop visa requirements for visitors from 10 countries for a one-year test period. Effective 15JUL citizens of the United States, the Netherlands, the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and Japan will be able to enter and stay in Kazakhstan without a visa for 15 days. Foreign visitors holding passports from those countries who want to stay longer will be obliged to apply for business or investors' visas.

 Gambia From 06JUN until 07SEP the issuing of overflight and landing permits at GBYD (Banjul International), will be handled by the department of Flight Safety Standards (DFSS).

 Australia The full procedures for the upcoming G20 conference in November have been published. The event is scheduled in Brisbane between 15-16NOV2014 , although special operating procedures will take place from November 11-18NOV2014. All the details are outlined in their latest AIP Supplement H62/14. If you are planning on operating into the YBBN area during this time, you can get your copy of the Supplement here