DHC6 Deliveries

When Viking Air purchased the production rights for the DHC6 Twin Otter in 2006, an iconic aircraft was reborn, and the first new 400 series Twin Otter rolled out of the factory last year.

Working with a customer like Viking is great. The DHC6 delivery flights are quite different to any other; each one has its own set of challenges. And for an aircraft like the Twin Otter, the wide variety of operators that have ordered the aircraft means going somewhere new every time.

For a recent delivery flight to Peru, World Air Ops was already quite familiar. “We get a lot of traffic to South America – Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, are the most popular. We know the environment well, so it’s great to apply our knowledge for the clients’ benefit”, says World Air Ops CEO, John Clark. “The Twin Otter is a short range aircraft, so stops are more frequent, meaning that we have to pay particular attention to arrangements on the ground. It’s ultimately very rewarding to know you’ve made the trip cost-effective and efficient for the client.”