Active Bulletins


USA Operators should be aware of the new FAA ATC phraseologies effective 03APR. The FAA will implement “climb via” phraseology and procedures for departure operations consistent with existing “descend via” phraseology and procedures. “Climb via” and “descend via” are abbreviated ATC clearances that require compliance with the procedure's lateral path, associated speed restrictions, and altitude restrictions published on the SID or STAR. Some good information at

SVMI/Caracas, Venezuela, should be off your tech stop or charter lists for the foreseeable future. Airport has been subject to rising security risks over the last months, reaching a climax last week with increased civil unrest in Caracas.

MUFH/Havana FIR Change in availability of UL795 - now not available to northbound traffic, which should use UL210

MYEM/Governors Harbour has no fuel available until 30SEP  

SAEF/Ezeiza Radar, Argentina The Ezeiza Control Area has been divided into two sectors - North and South, with associated new frequencies and procedures.

SCEZ/Santiago ACC New RNAV 5 Route available TCO-PUREN-CAR-TILKO-AMB with effect 23DEC

SPIM/Lima, Peru Struggling with Airport capacity. A variety of significant restrictions for General Aviation, Non Scheduled, and Cargo flights in effect. Check carefully with your handler or dispatcher as all movements should be co-ordinated at least 24 hrs in advance.

TTZP/Piarco FIR HF Remains out of service, with all contact through New York Radio instead. No radar service above FL135.

SAEF/Ezeiza ACC until 05AUG at 0500z, flow control will only be accepting 1 aircraft every 10 minutes regardless of the entry point. Humanitarian, state, and international flights with more than 2 hrs flight time are exempted.

South America Chile and Peru have introduced Oceanic Procedures for flights operating within their Antofagasta and Lima Oceanic FIRs, particularly on routes Lima-Santiago and vv. Refer AIC 5/13.

SPxx/Peru Significant airspace restructuring coming to Peru on 24JUL. There will be new airspace configuration and major changes in the TMA's of Lima, Arequipa, Cusco , Pucallpa, Chiclayo, Trujillo and Piura. Check charts are current.

MZBZ/Belize is taking their SSR radar off the air for the month of July, meaning a procedural only approach control service and likely delays during high traffic periods.



The holy month of Ramadan started on 29JUN, affecting operations to and over all Islamic countries where CAA's will be working reduced hours.  This year it will run until approximately 27JUL.

LLLL/Israel FIR Due to the ongoing conflict in the region J5, J10S, and J9 have been closed and all aircraft are being diverted along other airways within LLLL FIR. There have also been mandatory adjustments made made to all STARS and SIDS into LLBG. 

LLBG/Tel Aviv Update to GA restrictions at Ben Gurion - 0450-0800, 1400-1800, and 2300-0140 local, due to traffic congestion. Parking is not permitted for longer than 03 days.

OAKX/Kabul ACC- ATC has advised that all aircraft entering Kabul FIR at or below FL290 from the west between SOKAM on V338 and RANAH on V838 , must now contact Kabul ACC on 121.725.

OMAE/Emirates FIR Starting 16 JUL until 16 OCT all aircraft departing from OMAA, OMAD, OMAL, OMAM, OMDB, OMDW, OMRK, and OMSJ will require a departure slot time between 0430-0730 and 1500-2359

OAKN/Kandahar AIrcraft planning through flights using Military Ramp face fuel restrictions due supply issues. Limit of approx 1200USG per aircraft.

ORBB/Baghdad FIR, Iraq List of banned aircraft types extended to the following with effect 01 August: B737-200, B727-100, R721, B722, R722, AN26, AN24, AN12, Tu 154.

OEJD/Jeddah FIR Saudi Authorities have issued a statement via their AIP that all the Aircraft Registration must be included in Field 18 of the ATC Plan or overflight will be refused.

Afghanistan PPR is Mandatory for all flights to Bagram (OAIX), Jalalabad (OAJL), Kabul (OAKB), Kandahar (OAKN) and Tereen (OATN). For operations to more than one airfield, a separate PPR request form must be submitted for each one.

HLLL/Tripoli FIR Effective 14JUL no international overflights are permitted over Libya due to security concerns. All international flights departing to/from any airport within Libya will require prior permission. Applications should be made via email at, fax +218213618075, or via AFTN: HLLTYAYA. If permission is given there are now mandatory routings to and from HLLQ and HLTQ. HLLB, HLLT, and HLLS are closed UFN.

HEAT/Asyut, Egypt will be closed until at least May 2015 due to renovations.

DAAA/Algiers Area Control Centre has a new combined telephone and fax number from 24JUN: + 213 23 90 76 10.

DNMA/Maiduguri will be closed to all civil air traffic until September earliest due to security concerns.

FEFF/Bangui UPDATE Central African Republic extends Jet A1 unavailability until 21 Aug 

FAWW/Sodwana The airport will be completely closed from 12JUN-08SEP
FMMO/Maintirano Jet A1 will not be available from 14JUN-14SEP, due to upgrades taking place at the fuel facility.

HSSS/Khartoum has a new area radar service from 05JAN in the northeast portion of the FIR.

HAAA/Addis Ababa FIR, Ethiopia ATC reporting that conflicting traffic is still being encountered at MANDA and PARIM, due to poor ATS coordination. Advice to crews - to avoid these issues, do not use UA451 or W180.

HKNA/Nairobi FIR, Kenya  Some ongoing comms issues on VHF Area frequencies - make position reports on HF 11300 or 8879 instead.

HSSM/Malakal, South Sudan is only accessible with permission from the government security services. This is very difficult to obtain and makes the airport effectively shut.

HSWW/Wau, South Sudan is open without any specific additional permission being required.

HSxx/South Sudan Due to the clashes in the Republic of South Sudan, HSSM/Malkal Airport, and HSWW/Wau Airport, are announced closed, not serviceable, till further notice

FMMM/Madagascar Reminder that pax list must be sent 24hours prior departure to the addresses in Notam A0727/11

FMEE/Reunion Island Volcano Piton La Fournaise on Reunion Island has erupted although there is currently no ash plume reported.
FOON/M'vengue, Gabon - JetA1 fuel will not be available from until September earliest.

UTTT/SS/Tashkent and Samarkand Authorities have published several NOTAMs warning operators to essentially not use the airports as fuel stops. NOTAMs dictate that all aircraft must have sufficient fuel to fly to next destination onboard.

UTAx/Turkmenistan ACC New requirement to contact Turkmenistan ATC minimum 150km (75nm) from the FIR boundary for all flights entering Ashgabat, Turkmenbashi, Turkmenabat ACC Airspace.



VECF/Kolkata OACC, India A new OACC/Oceanic Control Centre operational since 19MAR known as the Kolkata Oceanic Control Centre. The area is operational from MSL to FL460, CPDLC is primary comms method, HF backup on 10066/6556/3491. See India NOTAM A0211/14.

VMMC/Macau - The airport will be closed  on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 2000-2200 from 29JUN-28SEPT.

RPHI/Manila FIR Manila Radio on the SEA-2 grouping Freq 13309 is U/S for the foreseeable future.


CZQX/Gander FIR / North Atlantic Effective 29MAY significant changes affect the structure and design of NAT Tracks, and Oceanic Flight Planning. The Gander Oceanic Transition Area (GOTA) is introduced. The Fish Points are largely removed, and the construction of NAT Tracks and anchor points/pairings changed. Blue Spruce Routes are also changed.

If you missed the changes, email for a free copy of the 2014 NAT Planning Chart.

CZQX/Gander OCA - some feedback from Gander since the NAT changes on 29MAY. Aircraft exiting the NAT westbound at an OEP/Oceanic Exit Point other than the one initially filed, should always route to the landfall point associated with the new clearance. Expect an onward clearance after that landfall point. Also, co-ordinates should be carefully cross checked in the FMS, the shorthand N5450 format can lead to Nav errors.

UKxx/Ukraine FIR's There are two distinct areas at issue in the Ukraine. Simferopol FIR is closed to international traffic since 03APR due to a dispute between authorities over control. Dnipropetrovsk FIR has had the eastern half closed by the Ukrainian CAA on 18JUL following the shootdown of MAS17. Most operators are avoiding the entire FIR. The remainder of the Ukraine FIR’s are open (L’viv, Kiev, Odessa) with overflight risk minimal, but many operators avoiding entire country. Heaviest Traffic flows are via G724 (North) and UL852 and UP975 (South). Russia will accept reroutes by FPL for an interim period without permit required. Recommend check with ATC Duty Manager +7 495 601 0776. Turkey requires a permit for all overflights. Russia reports no capacity issues in Rostov FIR due to additional traffic to the east of Ukraine. We recommend to monitor Eurocontrol NOP Portal for current information.

Uxxx/Crimea Region. At 10am on 03APR the Simferopol Area Control Centre (ACC), housed at Simferopol Airport, re-opened and assumed control of the Simferopol FIR over Crimea. This was immediately disputed by Ukraine, who determined that sovereignty was theirs and that control should be effected from Odesa and Dnipropetrovsk. A stand off ensued, with both Russia and Ukraine claiming authority over the airspace. As a a result, ICAO, Eurocontrol and EASA all issued statements recommending avoiding the airspace. Due to the complex situation and many questions we have received, World Air Ops has made public an extended International Ops Notice regarding the situation "2014 Airspace and Regulatory Changes in Crimea". A PDF copy can be freely requested from

UKxx/Ukraine FIR's (L’viv, Kyiv and Dnipro FIRs) Several airline reports of loss of GPS signals flying through this airspace.

UKOV/Odesa FIR A new VHF Volmet is in operation from 01JUN on 126.375, reports available for Odesa and Simferopol FIRs, and Odesa, Kyiv, Chisinau, Bucharest, Constanta, and Istanbul.

UMMS/Minsk 2- The airport will be closed from 1810-1830z from 01JUL-03JUL, 2110-0120Z on 04JUL, and 2110-0200Z on 11,18, and 25JUL.

UUDD/Domodedovo Due to Airport reconstruction heavy aircraft types are not permitted to operate during the period 27JUN-30SEP; specific exclusions are: B747, B757, B767, B777, B787, A310, A330, A340, A380, AN124, IL96, TU204, and TU214.

BKPR/Kosovo FIR After 15 years, the last remaining chunk of European airspace closed to overflying traffic in the Balkans has reopened. The KFOR sector over Kosovo became available on 03APR.

UGGG/Georgia Effective 09JAN, Georgia is now part of the Eurocontrol IFPS. Flights plans should be filed in the same way as other European Countries, and ATC slots will be managed from Brussels.

UGTB/Tbilisi Runway 13R/31L, the airports only runway, will be closed every Wednesday from 0800-1400 and every Friday 1400-1959  02JUL-03OCT.

BIRK/Reykjavik, Iceland open H24 but Take Off not permitted 2330-0700 weekdays, 2330-0800 weekends.

EGNT/Newcastle Due to the Sunderland Airshow all aircraft require prior permission from 25JUL/1100z until 28 JUL/1100z.

EHAA/Amsterdam FIR From 29MAY14 the Eurocontrol IFPS Flight Planning computer will automatically check all FPL's for 8.33KHZ equipment in the Netherlands in all IFR airspace, not just above FL195 as previously. Also a reminder of the Geese risk particularly around dusk/dawn near Schiphol, several strikes reported.

EDDF/Frankfurt, Germany The new overnight curfew 2300-0500 remains in place for all aircraft using Frankfurt International.

EGLL/London Heathrow ATC Regulation Trial continues, with a pre-tactical EGLLTC regulation of 52 aircraft per hour in place 0400-0800 daily until 31OCT.

EFTU/Turku, Finland is temporarily shut down from 30JUN-27JUL 2014 for a four-week renovation process. The renovations include the airport’s terminal facilities and traffic areas. Four new aircraft parking spaces will be built as well.

LYBE/Belgrade is seeing increased traffic due to aid activity as a result of flooding in the country. Delays of up to 2 hours for non-scheduled traffic possible.

LOVV/Vienna FIR reports several cases of 'radar interference', and the same is also true for a number of other Central European FIRs. Eurocontrol NM has started an investigation.

LCCC/Nicosia FIR Due to the large increase in military activity within this FIR, delays can be expected UFN for all flights destined to OLBA and LLBG. OLBA departures flying to/via Egypt exiting Cyprus airspace over LAKTO or PASOS are restricted at the rate of 1 departure every 25 minutes.

NAT/North Atlantic Phase 2 of the North Atlantic datalink mandate implementation will begin with Phase 2a on 05FEB2015, at which time flights within the North Atlantic Tracks (NAT) between FL350 and FL390 must be equipped with Fans 1/A controller-pilot datalink communications (CPDLC) and ADS-C systems. The program expands to these altitudes in the entire ICAO NAT region on Dec. 7, 2017, and to all flights in this region above FL290 on Jan. 30, 2020.


AGGH/Honiara Due to recent civil disturbances following disastrous flooding in Honiara and general unrest, operators are advised to avoid overnight stops at this location. Consider overnighting at NVVV/Port Vila.
AYPY/Port Moresby reports an increase in the use of laser beams pointed at aircraft, exercise caution.

NFFF/Nadi FIR Airline operators/pilots intending to operate into Fiji domestic airspace or to transit the Nadi FIR should include their 24-Bit address in the field 18 for ATS surveillance purposes. 

NTAA/Tahiti is renewing the runway from mid July to beginning of January 2015 and specific opening hours will apply from this point onwards. Direct arrival in Bora Bora or any other island is possible with an advance notice of 21 days.

NZZO/Auckland Oceanic FIR Met Data - change to procedure. Put simply, if you make a report on HF, no need to send a met report. If you are doing it via CPDLC, send it (at designated MET reporting points).

NFFF/Nadi FIR, Fiji ADS-B In Trail procedure trial underway effective 09JAN, reducing separation to 15NM in Oceanic Airspace for suitable aircraft.

YMML/Melbourne is introducing Ground Delay Program capability as an ATFM measure. Currently exists at Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. Operators will be issued a COBT slot time and must adhere. Slots are available from the Australian National Operations Centre (NOC).

Australia A reminder to all operators who are not ADS-B equipped, of the restrictions when operating into Australian Airspace effective from 15DEC13. If you not ADS-B equipped you must file with CASA, a Form 208 exemption application 14 days in advance of proposed operations into Australian Airspace. Then operations will be confined to the SSR radar coverage area extending from 200 nm north of Cairns down the East coast to 200 nm west of Adelaide. This is commonly referred to as the J curve. If you intend operating into the Brisbane or Melbourne FIRs from the west  and north west of Australia, and are not ADB-B equipped you will be required to operate at FL290 or below.